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Buying a puppy from us

You should feel safe buying a puppy from us. The puppies will grow up in our home and be exposed to various scenarios and sounds. This includes loud noises such as fireworks, thunderstorms, vacuum cleaners, music and TV. They will also meet other dogs, various animals and children. We also have a spacious garden that they can go out and explore the world. We will equip the puppies for most things to give you as a puppy buyer the best possible experience.

The puppies will be delivered with a puppy package consisting of a blanket, teddy bear, chew toy, leash, harness and some food for the first time.

NKC approved breeder

Choosing a dog registered in NKC is important, and there are several reasons for this. The Norwegian Kennel Club works to ensure that all dog breeding takes place in controlled forms, and sets requirements to its breeders. When you pick up your puppy, it must be at least eight weeks old, it must have been to the vet, and it must be registered and delivered with a contract of purchase. If you should have any problems with your dog or breeder, you have one of Norway's largest organizations backing you.

You will join a breed specific club. The NKC consists of 264 member clubs and associations. The breed club works for your breed specifically, and here you get the answers to the questions you might have about your particular dog. For Volpino Italiano, this is the Norwegian Miniature Dog Club. The activity clubs gather dog enthusiasts across the breeds and offer a number of fun and challenging activities for dogs and dog owners.

You ensure yourself a dog that is approved in relation to NKC and FCI's guidelines on breed standard. FCI is the overall worldwide organization for all the world's kennel clubs.

You get a pedigree which is a family tree where you can see the dog's parents, grandparents, great-grandparents, etc. Here you will also get an overview of the degree of inbreeding of your dog.

According to the NKC's regulations, the inbreeding rate is set at a recommended max of 6,25%, but accepted up towards 25%. You will often come across incomplete pedigrees on red Volpinos, due to this breed being extremely rare and that it's difficult to trace registered relatives.

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