About us

We are a small, but serious home breeder with a primary focus on quality.

Welcome to Amiamo Volpino!

Our names are Patrick F. Misund & Carl Fredrik L. J. Bålsrød. We live about an hour south of Oslo, in Sandefjord, Norway

In 2018 we got our first Volpino Italiano. Little did we know that this was the breed that would meet all the requirements we had for a dog.

Volpino Italiano went almost extinct in the middle of the 20th century. Thanks to dedicated breeders in Volpino's homeland, the breed has once again found its place in the world, but is still considered a quite rare breed.

Volpino Italiano comes with an all white or all red coat, and work is currently being done to get the all black variant approved. Even in Italy, the white Volpino is quite rare to see, while the red is extremely rare. Here in Norway there are a few breeders of white Volpino Italiano. In total, we are five breeders who keep in touch with each other, and who are all concerned with rebuilding and increasing interest in our beautiful breed.

Our acquired dogs are carefully thought out and selected with the main focus on quality and good health in parents and relatives in general, with a view to the best possible offspring in connection with breeding.

As of now, we have three white and five red volpinos.

For a long time we have had a burning desire to start breeding, but we have been looking for the right dogs for a while. To find the right dogs to breed, we have had to travel to Italy and Denmark to bring in new, good bloodlines and breeding animals. After a lot of work and time, we are finally ready to start our own journey!

After a long time wishing, we finally got a Leonberger in 2023, who we also bring to exhibitions.

Join our journey!