Norwegian Show Champion (N UCH)


NMHK MAURA - 25/6-22                  EXC, CK 1, CAC, BOS

VHK TRESFJORD - 09/07-22           EXCELLENT

DHK MOSS - 30/07-22                     EXC, CK 1, CAC, BM, BOB

SMHK ÅLESUND - 13/08-22             EXCELLENT

SMHK ÅLESUND - 14/07-22             EXC, CK 1, BM, BOB

NMHK STANGE - 06/11-22                VERY GOOD

NKK SANDEFJORD - 27/11-22          EXC, CK 1, CAC, Nordic CAC, BHK, BOB, Sh CH (N UCH)

Honey Queen's Focaccia


Norwegian Junior Winner 2023 (NJW23)

Norwegian Show Champion (N UCH)



VIKERSUND KGF 08.04.2023              EXC, CK 1, CAC, 1.BM, BOB junior, BOB

VIKERSUND KGF 09.04.2023              EXC, CK 1, CAC, 1.BM, BOB junior, BOB

NKK KRISTIANSAND 30/04-2023        VG

EDS Club Winner 19/05-2023       VG, 2.BM

European Dog Show 20./05-2023 EXC, 2.BM

EDS Agria Winner 21/05-2023       VG, 2.BM

NKK SANDEFJORD 07/07-2023          EXC, CQ, 3.BM, Jr.CAC, Jr.CACIB, Norwegian Junior Winner 2023 (NJW23)

NKK SANDEFJORD 08/07-2023          EXC, CQ, 4.BM, Res.CAC

NKK SANDEFJORD 09/07-2023          VG

Moss M&O HK - 29.07.2023                  EXC

Moss M&O HK - 30.07.2023                  EXC, CQ1, BM, BOB

Sandefjord NMHK - 09.09.2023            VG

Sandefjord NMHK - 10.09.2023             EXC

NKK SANDEFJORD 25/11-2023             EXC, CQ, CAC, Nordic CAC, BOB

VIKERSUND KGF 30.03.2024                EXC, CQ, 1.BM. CAC, BOS, CH (N UCH)



NKK SANDEFJORD 07/07-2023           EXC, CK, 2.BB, CAC
NKK SANDEFJORD 08/07-2023           EXC, CK, 2.BB, CAC, Res. Nordic CAC
NKK SANDEFJORD 09/07-2023           VG
Moss M&O HK - 29.07.2023                   EXC
Moss M&O HK - 30.07.2023                   EXC, CK, BB, BOS                

Vesparossa di Roccascura


NMHK MAURA - 25/06-22                EXC, CK 1, CAC, BB, BOB

DHK MOSS - 30/07-22                      EXC, CK 1, CAC, BB, BOS

SMHK ÅLESUND - 13/08-22              EXCELLENT

SMHK ÅLESUND - 14/08-22              EXC, CK 1, BB, BOS

NKK SANDEFJORD - 26/11-22           EXC, CK 1, BB, CAC, Nordic CAC, BOS

Zuccherina di Roccascura


SMHK ÅLESUND13/08-22                EXCELLENT

SMHK ÅLESUND 14/08-22               VG

NMHK STANGE 06/11-22                  VG

Skjærgaardens Best Damn Fool


Show Terminology

DQ - Disqualified

S - Sufficient

G - Good

VG - Very Good

EXC - Excellent

CK - Champion Quality

CAC - Certificate

CACIB - International Certificate

BM - Best Male

BB - Best Bitch

Sh CH - Show Champion

BOS - Best of Opposite Sex

BOB - Best Of Breed

BIG - Best In Group

BIS - Best In Show

In Norway, one must have three certificates (CAC) to become a Show Champion. Two of them from any shows, and one from an NKC (Norwegian Kennel Club) show. Three different judges are required.

Certificate/Reserve Certificate/CK (Champion quality)

Thoroughly typical, and in all essentials correctly built dog, with such clear advantages and such insignificant faults that the judge finds it to be of champion quality. A reserve certificate is awarded to the dog behind the certificate winner, which will count as a certificate should the certificate winner be disqualified. The reserve certificate winner must also satisfy national hunting or use requirements for obtaining a certificate if required for the breed.

Excellent in quality class

Dog which in all essentials corresponds to the breed's standard and which is presented in excellent condition, shows a harmonious, well-balanced temperament, maintains excellent class and has excellent integrity. The dog's excellent qualities in relation to the breed ideal allow the judge to disregard minor details. The dog must have a clear gender mark.

Very Good in quality class

Dog that corresponds well to the breed's standard, which is well balanced and in good condition. Minor errors can be tolerated, but none that negatively affect the overall impression. This award can only be given to dogs of very good quality.

Good in quality class

Dog that corresponds to the breed's standard and whose exterior faults are of a less prominent nature.

Sufficient in quality class

Dog that corresponds to the breed's standard, but does not have all the breed's characteristic features or has poor physical condition.